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These are additional pages and sites that I have created, or had a large part in the creation of.

Murdoch University
The homepage for my primary place of occupation. My duties include maintaining and developing the technical aspects of the Internet front door to Murdoch University. The homepage is CGI driven, allowing customisation of the page based on what browser people are using, along with personal preferences.
School of Surveying and Land Information
While working for the School of Surveying and Land Information, one of my tasks was to redo their homepage, and this is the result. The pages are a result of the combined efforts of myself and Kylie Bessant; my work dealing with coding, graphics and implementation, her work dealing with the content and organisation.
Clan Nexus
The home of Clan Nexus, a group of like-minded people who enjoy computer gaming on the Internet. Members participate in team games such as Quake2. Official Clan Membership requires a Web Presence, and so this site was created in my spare time as an information source for Clan Members, and outsiders interested in the Clan.
Tenchi Muyo
The Tenchi Muyo! Ryoohki (No Need For Tenchi) homepage, created and maintained by myself. Tenchi Muyo is a Japanese Animation concerning a high-school student, whose life is turned upside down after an encounter with a "demon" at a shrine in the mountains. What follows is a wonderful tale of aliens, family ties and cabbits with a new twist to every episode. These pages are fairly old; I'm working on an all new and improved version, coming soon!
Animay - POVRay Animation Utility
This is the homepage/online manuals for a program I wrote for a Graphics project a while ago. It builds on the shareware render package POVray to generate raytraced animations.